Consulting Forensic Automobile Engineers and Assessors

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Specialist Inspections

All types of defects and disputes can be investigated with detailed, understandable and comprehensive reports being submitted.

We are often called upon to provide an independent second opinion where disputes occur between Insurers and policyholders or Claimants and Defendants. Comprehensive reports are provided detailing how and why we have formed our opinions.

Under the CPR we have an overriding duty to the Court and this duty is paramount when we prepare reports for use in Court proceedings. All engineers are familiar with the Part 35 of the CPR and reports can be provided in a format that is fully compliant with the CPR.

We have extensive experience in examining vehicles to check if the damage occurred in the manner reported and if the damage is consistent with the vehicles colliding with each other. We undertake these types of high quantum fraud investigations throughout the UK. Clear comprehensive reports with evidence supported by photographs are provided.

Replacement vehicle hire costs can be a considerable head of claim in Third Party cases. We assess the damage and take a common sense approach to temporary repairs while using the MOT test regulations as a base line for roadworthiness and feasibility of temporary repairs. From a hire companies point of view they do not wish to incur unrecoverable hire costs and a Defendant insurer needs to know quickly whether or not temporary repairs are feasible. We provide independent opinions on the feasibility and costs of temporary repairs to accident damaged vehicles.

We have a salvage disposal and underwriting scheme in place where we can obtain salvage bids from local licensed salvage dealers which offer real time salvage bids that are realistic and accurate and if a Claimant wishes to dispose of the salvage at the price bid collection is free and payment is made once the paperwork has been completed. This can be a useful service for claimants where they do not know how to correctly dispose of collision damaged vehicles.

We are experienced Single Joint Experts and we are fully aware of our duty to the Court when acting as a SJE.

We are always willing to undertake initial discussions to consider if any instructions fall into the area of our expertise. If we cannot assist you we may be able to suggest another expert who would be suitable.